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Happy 20th Anniversary To Christian Island

Twenty Years Ago Today, On August 19, 1999, The Christian Island Flag was made by my Mother for me and Christian Island. Today, August 19, 2019 is The 20th Anniversary Of The Christian Island Flag and The 20th Honorary Anniversary Of Christian Island, The Theme, and The Christian Island Club. Happy 20th Anniversary To Christian Island! Thank You to everyone whose been there for Christian Island for the past twenty years and we look forward to another twenty years and more years to come. I’m Joseph Ross, This is Christian Island, and I’ll see you next time.  To See The 20th Anniversary Of Christian Island Video Go To The : August 2019: 20 Years Of Christian Island, The Flag, & The Club Section Of The Christian Island Website Home Page or The About Christian Island Webpage At The Christian Island Website.   The Christian Island Website About Christian Island (C) 2019 Joseph Ross & The Joseph Ross Blog & Christian Island. All Right