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My 30th Birthday (My Birthday (2020))

Welcome to my special blog and the first blog post of my '30s. I turned 30 and I'm in my '30s now. Thank you to God and everybody who was there for me in my life and in my '20s.  January 18 is my birthday and on January 18, 2020 4:01 PM Eastern Standard Time I turned 30 years old and my ‘20s ended. January 18, 2020 was a Saturday. The following is the story of what happened on My 30th Birthday and How My '20s Came To An End. I started my birthday at my parents’ house, had breakfast with them, and said I love you, God Bless You, and goodbye to them for the last time in my ‘20s, then I was picked up by my #1 best friend, and we went to his church.  While he was busy practicing with the Church’s worship band, I left the auditorium, called my siblings, texted my favorite group of my best friends from college, and then called my God-Mother. The call was the last thing I did in my 20’s and the first thing I was doing in my ‘30s. It was wonderful catching