My 30th Birthday (My Birthday (2020))

Welcome to my special blog and the first blog post of my '30s. I turned 30 and I'm in my '30s now. Thank you to God and everybody who was there for me in my life and in my '20s. January 18 is my birthday and on January 18, 2020 4:01 PM Eastern Standard Time I turned 30 years old and my ‘20s ended. January 18, 2020 was a Saturday. The following is the story of what happened on My 30th Birthday and How My '20s Came To An End.
I started my birthday at my parents’ house, had breakfast with them, and said I love you, God Bless You, and goodbye to them for the last time in my ‘20s, then I was picked up by my #1 best friend, and we went to his church. While he was busy practicing with the Church’s worship band, I left the auditorium, called my siblings, texted my favorite group of my best friends from college, and then called my God-Mother. The call was the last thing I did in my 20’s and the first thing I was doing in my ‘30s. It was wonderful catching up with her and we …

My Last Blog Post In My 20's & Happy 30th Birthday To Me

Welcome to my special blog and the last blog post of my '20s. This is my last blog post of my '20s because, as of when this blog post was posted, tomorrow, January 18, 2020, will be my 30th Birthday. I turn 30 at 4:01 PM EST on January 18, 2020. It was a joy, a blessing, and a golden time in my life, to be young in my '20s and do and celebrate the things I did and celebrated in my 20's, and I look forward to the next chapter in my life, my '30s. Thank You To My Family, GodFamily, & Friends For Everything. I Love You & God Bless You. The 2010's & My 20's was our time, and The 2020's and My '30s, and every decade, and every age group of my life, will be our time too. My '20s was a joy and a success and life changing and filled with God's blessings, and its legacy and success is precious, indisputable, and irreplaceable. God blessed me in my '20s, and I look forward to His blessings for me in my '30s. Goodbye To My '20s …

The Beginning Of The 2020's Decade (Happy New Year (2020))

Welcome to my special blog and my first blog post of the decade. Happy New Decade & Year! This is beginning of The 2020's Decade and The Year, 2020. This new decade is going to be a wonderful, priceless, amazing, decade, and its legacy and success will be indisputable and irreplaceable, and it will bless and change us all. We start off this new decade, and this new year, 2020, with enthusiasm and hope and in economically prosperous times. This year, 2020, will be The Year of The Presidential Election of 2020, A Leap Year, A Year Of The Olympics, and a special year.
One more thing about The 2010's, the last decade, The 2010's decade has been a wonderful, joyful, life changing decade, whose success and legacy is indisputable and irreplaceable. Goodbye To The 2010's and Hello To The 2020's and To 2020.
I’m Joseph Ross, thank you for reading my special blog, and I’ll see you next time.

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The End Of The 2010's Decade

Welcome to my special blog. Happy New Decade & Year! This is the end of The 2010's Decade. Next year, 2020, will be the beginning of a new decade, The 2020's.
The 2010's was a wonderful, joyful decade, that changed all of our lives, and the modern age as we now know it. A lot of good and bad things and events happened in The 2010's, as with any decade of time. All of The Millennial Generation, became the youth, and came of age in this decade, and The Millennials born in the '90s, grew from kids and teenagers, to young adults and men and women in their 20's. Some Millennials also got married and had kids and began the next generation of people in this decade. 

In The 2010's, the music world gave such great musicians and singers such as Taylor Swift, who is The Artist & Woman Of The Decade, and Bruno Mars, and many more. God, technology, social media, advances in science, and more changed our lives in this decade, and the world is different than it was …

Merry Christmas (2019)