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The End Of The 2010's Decade

Welcome to my special blog. Happy New Decade & Year! This is the end of The 2010's Decade. Next year, 2020, will be the beginning of a new decade, The 2020's. The 2010's was a wonderful, joyful decade, that changed all of our lives, and the modern age as we now know it. A lot of good and bad things and events happened in The 2010's, as with any decade of time. All of The Millennial Generation, became the youth, and came of age in this decade, and The Millennials born in the '90s, grew from kids and teenagers, to young adults and men and women in their 20's. Some Millennials also got married and had kids and began the next generation of people in this decade.  In The 2010's, the music world gave such great musicians and singers such as Taylor Swift, who is The Artist & Woman Of The Decade, and Bruno Mars, and many more. God, technology, social media, advances in science, and more changed our lives in this decade, and the world is dif

Merry Christmas (2019)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Christmas is about The Birth Of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, a very special time and holiday of the year, and a time for Family and Friends and other loved ones to be together. Jesus was born as a baby boy from his virgin Mother, Mary, to Joseph & Mary and us all. He would later die and rise from the dead for our sins and become our Lord & Savior. This Christmas, Christmas 2019, is The Last Christmas of The 2010s Decade. Next year, 2020, will be the beginning of a new decade, The 2020s. I will make a Youtube video or two, maybe more, and a blog post or two, maybe more, about The 2010s, and The 2020s. Christmas is a wonderful time of year, filled with joy, happiness, love, and appreciation for the birth of Jesus. Enjoy The Last Christmas of The Decade and Have a very Merry Christmas, And A Happy New Decade & Year. I’m Joseph Ross, thank you for reading my blog and my holi