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Election News 2020 By Color Star: November 14, 2020

Election News 2020 By Color Star: November 14, 2020 Welcome To Election News 2020. I’m Joseph Ross. Today, I’ll report on what happened in The 2020 Presidential Election Of November 3, 2020, what happened afterwards and what’s next. I’ll also say what I believe needs to happen next. The Video: The Blog Post Report: The 2020 Presidential Election has taken place on November 3, 2020. The Election was exciting and interesting, and also had candidates for Congresspeople and Senators on the ballot. I personally enjoyed voting and watching the election coverage on Fox News, and I hope you voted and watched the Election coverage on the news too.   As we all know, the winner was not declared on Election night and even after midnight after the Election, but the projected results of The Election were decided days later. This Election has become the most contested election since The 2000 Presidential Election, as of this blog post, 20 years ago, at the beginning of this century and The New Mille