The Beginning Of The 2020's Decade (Happy New Year (2020))

Welcome to my special blog and my first blog post of the decade. Happy New Decade & Year! This is beginning of The 2020's Decade and The Year, 2020. This new decade is going to be a wonderful, priceless, amazing, decade, and its legacy and success will be indisputable and irreplaceable, and it will bless and change us all. We start off this new decade, and this new year, 2020, with enthusiasm and hope and in economically prosperous times. This year, 2020, will be The Year of The Presidential Election of 2020, A Leap Year, A Year Of The Olympics, and a special year.

One more thing about The 2010's, the last decade, The 2010's decade has been a wonderful, joyful, life changing decade, whose success and legacy is indisputable and irreplaceable. Goodbye To The 2010's and Hello To The 2020's and To 2020.

I’m Joseph Ross, thank you for reading my special blog, and I’ll see you next time.

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