Happy 4th Of July (2019) & Back When I Became A Christian

Happy 4th Of July 2019 & Back When I Became A Christian
By Joseph Ross

Happy July 4th! Today, America celebrates its birth and it will be 243 years old according to CNN. Today is a national holiday and celebrates America and our independence. Today is going to be a fun day filled with joy, The American Spirit, and fireworks. Have fun, celebrate, enjoy today, please don’t do anything stupid, and Happy 4th Of July. 

Back in 1999, on Sunday, July 4th, 1999, I got saved and became a Christian by accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior and coming before my Church at the time, Covenant Baptist Church, and acknowledging that. Today marks 20 years since I became a Christian and I’m joyful about that. I’m joyed to be a Christian and I love God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. I’ve had a wonderful, loved filled life as a Christian and I’m very happy about it and to tell people about God. I’m Joseph Ross, thank you for reading my blog and my blog post, and I’ll see you next time.

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